On-Set Photos

Above: Peter Weir in conversation with artist Martin Sharp, Artistic Advisor to the Director.   Well known in the 60s for his involvement in OZ magazine, Sharp designed iconic posters for Bob Dylan, Cream and Jimi Hendrix.

Left: Peter Weir on set in Woodend.    Right: Eminent film critic David Stratton visits the set  - in conversation with Executive Producer Patricia Lovell.

Left: Mrs. Appleyard off duty, Rachel Roberts looking glamorous in a jumpsuit.   Right: Peter Weir at Hanging Rock with actresses Helen Morse, Mlle.de Poitiers and Christine Schuler, Edith.

Left:Don Connolly, Sound Recordist with Patricia Lovell: the former Miss Pat from Mr Squiggle,  (and producer of Gallipolli and Monkey Grip). Right: Peter Weir consults the novel with Peter Collingwood who played Col. Fitzhubert.

Russell Boyd, Director of Photography,  on location at Martindale Hall,  the set for Appleyard College. He would go on to film Gallipoli, Year of Living Dangerously and Crocodile Dundee amongst many others.  He won the Academy Award for Cinematography for Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

John Seale,  Camera Operator at top of ladder.  He would go on to work as Director of Photography on Witness, Dead Poets Society, The English Patient (Academy Award, Cinematography), The Talented Mr Ripley and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Left: Filming at Appleyard College.   Right: Wendy Stites,  Associate Costume Designer,  later Costume Designer on Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Special Design Consultant for The Truman Show and production designer on Green Card and Dead Poets Society.

The last day of filming...